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Lost or Found Pets

Sent: Tue 10/18/16 9:19 AM

Message: Found lost dog on Whittington Drive, 10/18/16. Brindle color with a red collar, no tag. Please contact Anne Kumaga 713-870-7167.


"Found Dog- Small black female erect ears. Picked her up thursday 2pm near intersection of Briar Forest and Crystal Hills Drive, saved from traffic, no injuries. Call or text 832.515.8641."


Weimaraner dogs running off of Kirkwood. They are beautiful dogs, obviously from someone's home. Not street wise at all. They can call 832-372-7007 if someone is looking for them. The vets were all closed by the time I managed to get them off the street so I don't know if there is a chip or not. No collars. I will put up signs as well. 

Thanks for all you do! 

Kind regards, 
Susan Newquest

On Wednesday night (11/20) at around 7, my mom was getting home from work when Jazz the Great Dane got scared and took off running through a crack in the door (we live in the Healthlake Community). She was a rescued dog and I was going to have her chipped on Friday.

She is about 120 pounds, has hazel eyes and a dark grey coat (her chest, nose, and paws are white). Her ears are not cropped and her tail is not docked. She is not wearing a collar either.

Please, call, text, or email me if you have any information.

Thanks for your time,

Wednesday 11/20/2013 5:24 PM - Original Message

Found today - Vicinity of Ashford Parkway & Shepherds Ridge
Black female dog, about 40 lbs, white speckles on chest, orange collar, no tags.
Please call Sheila - 281-222-6678

 Posted 9/18/2013
Our cat is missing  from the past two days and it is not his habit.
If you saw him (his name is Dhouston) please let us know.
He has a tag with a phone number:832-326-5089.
April Village

Posted 1/24/2013
Found by Rene Bortner in Village Place/Lakeside Place a FEMALE REDDISH/BROWN CHOW LIKE DOG. 713-927-3023 RENEBORTNER@PANTHERCR.COM


Posted 8/26/2012

Post 6/26/2012 - Lyda Hazzard - Ashford Community

 I found a small black dog Sunday on Rincon near Ashford Elementary and he followed me home. Neighbors said he had been loose several days. If he is yours, I can be contacted at 713-820-8081 or emailed at lhazz@swbell.net.

Posted 6/24/2012 - Mike Lauber - Ashford Community

I lost my Dog, a 100 lb black lab named Hunter. He was last seen at 806 Harvest Moon at 5:30 am on 6/24. If found please call 281-250-4620

(of Tallulah Lane & Whittington)
Tuesday 06/19/2012 8:09 PM - Original Message                    

My dog got out of our yard today during the storm. She is tan and white, short hair, perky ears, female about 65 pounds. She lost her collar during her escape, found it in the back yard. Her name is Lola.  Please call Linda 832- 419- 0501. Thanks very much.

Lost Yorkie

Lost about 8:30 PM on Saturday, May 26, 2012 at the Broadstone Grand Parkway Apartments.  Miles is a 2.5 lb neutered male blue and tan Yorkie. He is 6 years old but looks like a puppy. He does not have tags or microchip.  Please call Diana Blazevic at 210-896-4609 or email at diana23arlene@aol.com

Extremely affectionate hairless (and toothless) cat, answers to 'Mouse', went missing early in the evening of Tuesday, March 6th, around Castle Ridge Drive and the Buffalo Bayou. 

 Please call/text 832-525-6749 or email white.cori@gmail.com if you know of his whereabouts... he is a special needs cat, and is missed by his family!

From the Village West Subdivision.   "Hello! I would like to put out a notice for my lost dog. His name is Otto, he is a 2 yr old yellow lab with a red nose and hazel eyes. He was lost yesterday morning from his home at 11303 Inwood dr in the Village West subdivision. He was wearing a bright orange collar. If anyone has any info please call me, Nikki Wuertx at 713-702-8807 or 
etravi1@gmail.com. We miss him!!! Thank you!"

From the Ashford Community near Dairy-Ashford.  
"My blue merl Sheltie, Katie, got out of the yard just after midnight Sunday (02/12/2012), or I guess Monday a.m. She's gray and white. She has a tag with "Katie" on it, and my phone on the other side - 281-493-2617. Please, PLEASE, call me if you see her. She's so happy wherever she happens to be, I'm not certain she can find her way home. Call any time. Thank you."

From the Heathlake Community: (12/29/2011 morning) Found - Blond, Terrier-mix dog.  No collar or tags.  Behaves well in the house, very friendly and likes people.  Contact the Webmaster.


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